About Ian

About Ian


Professor Ian Cooper is the author of the ‘Financial Times Guide To Business Development’, (shortlisted in 2013 for the CMI best management book of the year awards) and is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading advisors specializing in business development and marketing within the legal and professional services sector. He has an international reputation as an influential and engaging business and personal development speaker and writer. He is particularly known for his lively, humorous, down to earth, anecdotal style, which he puts to good use as a compelling, entertaining and inspiring  speaker at conferences, ‘in house’ events, seminars, training sessions, masterclasses, and  ’after dinner’ / lunch events etc.

Ian contributes river cruise articles to the Daily Mail and edits the ‘Financial Times Guide To Business Development Blog’ and its ‘Travel Talk’ section and is the author of 15  other books on business development, communications, influence and personal development topics published by global publishers. Through international publishing arrangements,  currently in 13 languages and 55 countries, Ian’s work is respected on a worldwide scale.

Over a period of almost 30 years he has successfully helped and advised over 900 businesses on their business development and corporate strategy. He is a passionate believer in the importance of great ‘customer and client  service’ and has shown many businesses how to use this as a business development tool, to win both new and repeat business and to increase positive word of mouth recommendations. With great service in mind Ian also writes about travel, hotels and other sectors where personal service is of paramount importance as a way of differentiation.

Ian has also written for many national newspapers and magazines as well as ‘guesting’ on radio and TV.

He holds a Visiting Professorship at Henley Business School, part of the University of Reading.


“A game changer… a phenomenal understanding of the importance of delivering world class service.” Viv Williams, CEO 360 Legal Group

“Witty, informative and practical…it  shows how anyone can become a ninja at business development”.           Heather Townsend, Author of ‘The Financial Times Guide To Business Networking’

“I challenge anyone to read this book and not find at least one area they can improve”. Craig Holt, Chief Executive, QualitySolicitors

“Packed with jaw-dropping anecdotes.”                                                Len Tingle, BBC Political Editor – Yorkshire

“Inspirational… easy to read… absolute gems on every page.”                              Jonthan Straight, STRAIGHT plc

“A recipe for success for any business regardless of size.”                                  Wendy Atkin-Smith, Managing Director, Viking River Cruises UK Limited

“It is worth getting this book for the 21 common sense business development truths alone” Steve Pipe FCA, author of “The UK’s best accountancy practices” and “Stress proof your business and your life” and former UK Entrepreneur of the Year