Legal Firms

Ian Cooper is one of the world’s leading consultants specializing in business development, marketing and personal skills training within the legal and professional services sector. Ian has advised and trained several thousand lawyers from hundreds of firms of all sizes. Services include:

Public Events

Professor Ian Cooper frequently speaks at open public courses around the UK. Watch out for further information. 

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In-House Seminars

Topics for In-house Seminars are as follows: 

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There are various ways in which Ian can help you to succeed:  

Practical Business Development and Strategic Guidance

Having helped over 900 firms generate huge amounts of extra business, Ian can do the same for you. Give him 1 day and he'll tell you in down to earth language, the common sense and simple things you can immediately do to massively improve your results.  

Tenders and presentations support

Let's keep this simple. Ian has helped dozens of firms win at tenders. If you have an important opportunity with a new prospect or have to pitch to retain an existing clients, with Ian helping, you can stack the odds in your favour.

Lips Legal

Lips Legal founded by Ian Cooper ... now acquired by Legal Futures is Britain’s leading provider of live web CPD seminars for the legal profession.

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