In-House Seminars

Topics for In-house Seminars are as follows: 


Converting Telephone Enquiries Into Profitable Business

How many new enquiries do you get as a firm for each work area every day, week, month and year?

Most firms fail to convert as many of these into profitable business as they could, because the majority of the people who handle these new enquiries don’t see their role as a sales role and have never been given the techniques for maximising business potential.  We can transform the fortunes of your various departments through providing you with our special techniques. Look at our results:

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Success With Tenders and Proposals: How To Win In Competitive Situations

If marketing, networking, direct approaches and attending meetings work well; it is very possible that at some stage you will be asked to write a competitive proposal. In any event tendering is now very common and many firms also have to tender simply to retain existing clients.

I have huge experience of working with firms on tenders and have a 90% track record of success of ‘wins’. Experience of working with lots of firms over many years has left me in no doubt that most Tenders that don’t go well are because of certain key traps that are fallen into time and time again. We will address these issues:

    • How do tender / competitive situations arise – how can you find more of them?
    • Who should be involved in the process and what should they all do? Do you have a tender team? Who should be in it? Who does the drafting? What stages should you go through? Role of marketing?
    • Should you attempt to go for it or not?
    • Getting more information – how to ask for it? What to ask and why?
    • How to establish rapport?
    • What else do you need to know? Who are you drafting for? Who are you competing against?
    • How to focus the document on them?
    • Compliance.
    • Use of correct style, tone and language.
    • Proposal drafting. What should go in? Strategic politics of content!
    • Creating credibility – what to do to give you the edge?
    • What you can do in advance of a situation.
    • Pitching to existing clients.
    • The importance of the summary.
    • Dealing with fees.

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The Art of Conversation: How To Work The Room and Win Business by Talking To People

We all know how important networking is, both formally and informally. The truth is many solicitors are uncomfortable with this notion and have never been given the basic techniques to enhance both confidence and results. This session will look at the topic in an informative and entertaining way. It will cover:

    • What is networking?
    • Not just working the room.
    • Forget hard selling.
    • Focus on the social – let the business take care of itself!
    • Opportunities are everywhere.
    • The importance of conversation skills.
    • How do others feel going networking?
    • The two golden rules of making conversation.
    • The different types of listener!
    • General tips.
    • Who should you talk to?
    • Advance planning.
    • Asking questions.
    • Conversational problems / traps
    • Remembering names? How long does it take you to forget someone’s name?
    • Things to avoid!
    • The aim of the conversation!
    • Good ice breakers.
    • Topics for conversation.
    • How to get others to ask you the questions you want.
    • Making conversation in group situations.
    • Getting out of conversations.
    • Turning social into business.
    • Following up and building on relationships.

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How To Target and Win New Business

Over the years I have helped a large number of firms make direct approaches in campaigns that have literally won them millions.

In this very competitive environment it is an important area to cover. We will look at:

    • The purpose and objectives of direct approaches.
    • Overcoming the mindset issues.
    • What are you allowed to do?
    • E mail? Letter? Phone call?
    • The need for information / research.
    • Building a hit list.
    • Focus on sector / profile.
    • Where to Start.
    • Who should be involved in the process.
    • Focus on fact finding.
    • Getting to the decision maker.
    • Overcoming gatekeeper problems.
    • What to say or do.
    • The Columbo Review approach.
    • Following up

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Selling skills: How To Sell and Win Business Without Being Pushy!

Selling skills for solicitors is no longer an option. The simple fact is that those solicitors who have mastered and improved their skills in this area win more business and at better fee rates! On a daily basis many partners and fee earners find themselves in sales situations. Many have had very little sales training and perceive ‘sales’ as inappropriate and unprofessional. This practical introductory session will dispel the myths about selling and show how ‘soft conversational sales’ can be helpful, productive and profitable. It will cover:

    • The types of sales situations
    • Why so many firms underachieve?
    • What selling is and is not!
    • The difference between marketing and selling.
    • The sales staircase and the Rule of 7.
    • The power of questions.
    • Why answering the question is not always good.
    • Get the person right.
    • How to get the prospect to want you or your firm.
    • How to use the ASK concept of selling.
    • How to ask for the work.
    • How and when to follow up.
    • How to minimise the importance of price.
    • The Value v Price scales.
    • What are the weight blocks to pile on?

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Presentation Skills

This topic should not be underestimated. Many competitive situations will be decided on a presentation. Key partners and fee earners need to know how to do this confidently and effectively. I will run a session on this for them. I have actually visited the firm in the past and helped prepare and rehearse one real presentation, which was ultimately successful. There will also be times when team members will need to present informative material at seminars and events.  The session will cover:

    • What is a presentation?
    • Dealing with nerves.
    • Creating content – structure and signposting.
    • The three times rule.
    • My ICQES formula. It works every time.
    • What advance information is needed?
    • Objectives.
    • Audience tailoring.
    • Room layout and technical issues.
    • Visual aids – are they needed?
    • Handouts and materials?
    • Scripted or prompts?
    • What should I wear/
    • Use of humour?
    • Dealing with questions?
    • Stand up or sit down?
    • Rehearsing?

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Generating New Business: Increasing Name Awareness, Profile And Create Business Through Joint Ventures

This session is focused very pragmatically on new business winning techniques. After 24 years advising and assisting legal practices I will explain the most successful marketing initiatives I have put in place and developed.

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How To Get More Business From Existing Clients

Once won clients need to be kept and nurtured for future potential. Much of your business will come from repeat business and word of mouth. This session looks at techniques to enhance this. It will cover:

  • Knowing your clients.
  • Keeping your clients happy.
  • Keeping in touch with clients.
  • Asking clients for more – cross selling.

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Potential Client Meetings: How To Convert Them Into Business

This session links to the earlier ones and builds upon them. As a result of networking or of direct approaches, colleagues as you know will sometimes be invited for a meeting with a potential client. This session looks at how to get the most out of such meetings. It will cover:

  • What is the purpose of the meeting?
  • Is it a presentation?
  • What to say?
  • What not to say?
  • Preparing for the meeting.
  • Who should go?
  • Fact finding?
  • Selling skills in this situation.
  • Moving it forward.

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