Conference, seminar and ‘after dinner’ speaking

Ian Cooper has presented professionally over a thousand  times and is known for his light, powerful, humorous, informative but entertaining and practical style.

Event organisers should note that Ian is available for conferences, ‘in house’ events, marketing days or seminars and ‘after dinner’ / lunch gatherings and that he is experienced in tailoring and talking to businesses, professionals and audiences from different countries and sectors. Here are just a few of Ian’s topics and some audience feedback:

The art of asking for what you want – Based on Ian’s successful and internationally acclaimed ‘Just Ask’ book –  lively, fun, entertaining and very profitable for delegates to hear about how to get whatever they want, just by asking the right question in the right way. A look at Ian’s “technology of questions’.

The Common Sense Truths Of Business Development – an amusing look at how business often gets the basics wrong and what they should be doing, if they want to win more profitable customers and clients. This is based on his latest book … the Financial Times Guide To Business Development: How To Win Profitable Customers and Clients.

The art of conversation in business and life – A very important, entertaining, popular and observational topic. Everyone in business has to mix to do business! Here are the golden rules of ‘dos and do nots’ presented in an entertaining way.

Customer service – informative, entertaining and provocative stories and tips about the good, bad and the ugly when it comes to customer service. 

How To Be A Time Master – a thought provoking and sideways look at getting control of your time and life 

Business development and entrepreneurship – peak personal performance and business development  skills.

Converting enquiries into profitable business – Many businesses have used Ian’s techniques and doubled their business

Professional / legal services business development – Ian is known as ‘the guru’ when it comes to law firm business development 

Feedback About Ian:

“Overwhelmingly positive feedback to the presentation”

Andrew Holroyd, Past President of Law Society

“Ian’s insights into how businesses is getting it wrong act as a powerful catalyst to help improve”

Len Tingle BBC Political Editor

“Breaks down what good businesses do”.

Gary Brook, Head of Corporate Communications, Leeds Building Society

“One of the best presentations I have ever attended”
Trudy Pratt, Waldons

“Practical advice regarding customer service providing a recipe for real success”

Wendy Atkin Smith, UK Managing Director Viking River Cruises

“Entertaining, pragmatic and anecdotal style”

“Martyn Morgan, Managing Partner, Quality Solicitors Talbots

“Authoritative, practical and clearly presented”

Sandy Joakim, Mogers

“Very motivating”

Chris Wilkins, Brennard & Wilson

“I feel inspired”

Michael Foxford, Birchall Blackburn

“Ian Cooper has a phenomenal understanding of the importance of delivering world-class service”

 Viv Williams, CEO 360 Group

“Within the first hour I was thinking of ways to implement these ideas!

Martyn Bateman, Breeze Wyles

“Invaluable, lively, informative!”

Barry Abrahamson, Abrahamson & Associates

“I would happily have listened all day” 

Alison Hine, Hayton Winkley

“First time I’ve heard Ian Cooper – excellent”

Ian Baker, Sills & Betteridge

“Ideas coming across thick and fast”

Howard Cohen, Howard Cohen & Co

“Has changed my approach”

Peter Gray, John Gibbs & Co

“Pertinent. Helpful and enjoyable. It sinks in!”

Anita Coaster, Laytons

Very enjoyable and enlightening !”

Yvonne Wannacott, Robson Mclean

“Excellent – can’t wait to try it out”

Sian Thomas, Randalls

“Eye opening”

Gwyn Davies, Gaskell & Walker

“Very thought provoking”

Alison Bicknell, Rochman Landau

“I’m now buzzing with methods and ideas”

Fiona Twomey, Keeble Hawson


William Ho, Burton Burton & Ho

“Wonderful to hear someone who can relate to where I am at”

Joy Potentier, Inesons



To book Ian as a speaker he is contactable through all reputable speakers agencies.